Sustainable Stone Fabrication In Harrisburg, PA

In honor of NKBA’s April Sustainability Month, which focuses on sustainable design, we thought we would highlight how Classic Rock Fabrication makes creating a sustainable environment a company goal. Our eco-friendly operations are at the core of what we do, as we know the importance of preserving resources. Classic Rock’s stone surfaces are fabricated in the most eco-conscious way possible. These are just a few of the ways we ensure our products leave a minimal impact on the environment:.

Reducing Consumables
With the use of digital templating Classic Rock completely eliminates waste on materials such as luan, coroplast, glue, staples and more.

Water Conservation
Stone fabrication requires a lot of water to cut and polish polish materials and to create a dust free environment for our team. When cutting materials, water is used to cool and capture the silica that naturally becomes dispersed during fabrication. This is essential as silica can cause bodily harm if it becomes airborne. Classic Rock is an industry leader in environmentally friendly stone cutting and polishing. Our state of the art system recycles all of our used water.

Software and Equipment
By utilizing CAD and Slabsmith software, we are able to virtually layout each kitchen surface before cutting into a material. This reduces waste, as we are able to cut countertops and produce minimal scraps. In addition to our nesting-style approach to cutting countertops, we use state-of-the-art machinery to achieve precise cuts while reducing lost materials. We maximize our equipment life cycle by retooling and rebuilding.

Remnant Program
With our remnant program, leftover materials will not go to waste. By offering these remnants to our customers for smaller projects like vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, shower parts and pieces and sills, leftover materials can be recycled into something new.

To celebrate sustainability with NKBA, visit their landing page with special features, videos and resources.