June Is National Safety Month

In honor of June being National Safety Month, our Classic Rock Safety Committee launched a safety awareness initiative. Our team members are our greatest assets, and growing our safety culture is a priority for our organization. A good safety culture in our workplace allows our team members to feel more comfortable and confident in their daily job performance.

What is a safety culture?
A safety culture places high importance on safety beliefs, values, and attitudes. To be successful, our team members at every level need to prioritize worker safety.

What are the benefits of enhancing a safety culture?
When it comes to safety culture, there are many benefits other than the decrease in accidents. Team members are likelier to make smart and safe decisions in an emergency. When safety is a priority over everything within an organization, the knowledge and practice used in everyday business carry over in any emergency.

Another benefit is companies are viewed as a better place to work. Morale is higher at companies with fewer injuries. Safety provides an excellent opportunity for employees to take pride in their accomplishments.

Training and Education
Proper training for any position will be a major factor in eliminating workplace accidents and injuries. Training and education are the number one benefit of enhancing our safety culture. Speaking to all team members about safety best practices collectively will establish clear guidelines moving forward. It will help to ensure we all hold each other accountable for our actions concerning safety.

Drive Safety Home
Drive Safety Home is one of our core values at Classic Rock Fabrication. We all share a collective responsibility for workplace safety. Please join us in our commitment to developing a positive safety culture at Classic Rock to benefit all our team members and their families!