Classic Rock’s Quality Management Program

You may have heard about and seen some changes happening when it comes to increasing quality measures at Classic Rock. We are excited officially announce our Quality Management Program, an initiative we have been working on since Q3 of 2022. This program is centered around preventing errors and implementing the appropriate corrective measures when an issue is discovered.

So, how does quality affect us internally, and why is adopting a quality culture so important?

• Less Logistical Issues

• Less Chaos

• Less Material Moving

• Open Communication and Feedback from All Team Members

• Pride and Ownership of Work

• Less WIP

• Increased Safety

Commitment to our customers is one of the key drivers behind our quality initiative, and we are excited to announce our first milestone. Bill Sheffield, a 6-year Classic Rock veteran, has taken on the new Quality Inspector role. Bill has been a craftsman in the stone fabrication industry since 1998, mastering all aspects of the process. Bill reports to Andy Harris, Operations Mgr.

The purpose of this role is to examine all fabricated materials to ensure they adhere to Classic Rock’s quality standards. Below are just some of the benefits the new Quality Management Program will provide:

• Define, improve, and control quality processes

• Prevent mistakes

• Reduce waste

• Identify and facilitate training opportunities

• Set organization-wide direction

• Communicate readiness to produce consistent results

Together, with our goals focused on quality assurance, we look forward to bringing Classic Rock to new heights in the months and years to come!