Interior Design Tips for Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops are durable and easy to care for, making them a top choice for many residential and commercial countertop projects. There are a number of benefits to choosing solid surface from a logistical standpoint, as well as plenty of reasons from an interior design perspective.

Interior Design Tips for Countertop Selection

While solid surface is often chosen for its utility, it can be just as beautiful as many other natural stone options. Here are our top interior design tips for selecting and styling solid surface countertops.

1. Choose function and style.

The best interior design is equal parts beautiful and functional. Solid surface countertops offer the best of both worlds since they are durable and stylish. Especially in applications in healthcare and high-traffic public spaces, balancing beauty and utility is key to the longevity of your surfaces.

2. Experiment with color.

Solid surface countertops are available in a broad spectrum of finishes and colors from neutrals like grey, white, and beige to bright hues like red, green, and blue. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with a bold, trendy pattern or are designing a calm and classic space with neutral tones, solid surface materials provide a range of options to work with.

3. Say goodbye to seams.

Since solid surface countertops are made-to-order, you will likely have very few seams in your pieces, if any. With natural stone, manufacturers have to get creative to avoid or hide seams, since a piece of granite or marble is only so large. But with a man-made option like solid surface, your custom countertops can be designed to minimize seams or avoid them completely.

4. Opt for an easy install.

If you’re managing the interior design for an entire hotel or healthcare facility, you have plenty on your plate already. Worrying about chipping or scratching a brand new countertop isn’t worth the stress. Solid surface countertops are durable and easy to install, even in large-scale projects like hotels or hospitals where several hundred surfaces may be needed.

5. Choose low-maintenance.

Your space is only as beautiful as you keep it. While natural stones like marble and granite can be stunning, if they aren’t cleaned or sealed properly, their beauty will deteriorate quickly. The benefits of solid surface countertops are clear when you consider that it is much more resilient, requires virtually no maintenance, and can even be restored in the event of a significant scratch or other damage (without replacing the entire countertop).

How Much Do Solid Surface Countertops Cost?

Out of all of the options on the market, solid surface countertops are some of the most cost-effective, especially for large-scale and commercial applications. Not only are they affordable, but they provide incredible value in terms of durability and longevity as well.

Where Should Solid Surface Countertops Be Used?

While solid surface materials are extremely versatile and can be beneficial in a number of use cases, they are considered the ideal choice for commercial countertops in healthcare and hotel applications.


Solid surface countertops are the perfect fit for healthcare applications in doctors’ offices, dental practices, hospitals, medical labs, and bathrooms. In an industry where hygiene and sanitization are incredibly important, solid surface delivers. It’s non-porous, making it easy to sanitize effectively and preventing it from harboring bacteria, mildew, and mold. It is also durable, meaning it can hold up to years of frequent cleaning, even with aggressive disinfecting agents.

Hotels & Hospitality

Solid surface is also a leading option for commercial countertops in hotels and the hospitality industry. From reception desks and hotel restaurants to guest room bathrooms and kitchens, they provide attractive, easy-to-clean surfaces for nearly every application. They are also cost-effective and less delicate than other natural stone materials, making installation a breeze even on a large-scale project. And, they are readily available in a wide range of colors, meaning that every application can have its own unique and inviting look.

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