Stone Finishes for Commercial Applications

Classic Rock offers a variety of different finishes for natural stone and man made surfaces to fit the unique designs of healthcare, hospitality, education, office buildings, assisted living and multi-family housing spaces.

Polished Stone Finishes

A polished finish is the most well-known and common type of finish on a countertop. It offers a smooth, shiny, and glossy appearance that brings out the full coloring of the material.

Honed Stone Finishes

A honed finish gives material more of a matte, dull look instead of a reflective high gloss and is soft to the touch.

Leathered Stone Finishes

A leathered finish is a textured finish that can vary depending on the natural graining of the material. It will have a matte appearance and highlight the natural contours, coloring, and veining of the stone.

Antiqued / Brushed Stone Finishes

A brushed or antiqued finish has a slight texture to the touch along with a matte look that gives the illusion of natural wear on the surface.