Classic as an extension of our own showroom for clients to complete the process of selections for counters to compliment the cabinetry we offer.

We appreciate your attention to detail along with the knowledge and experience represented by the team you have assembled. Our inside representative Mary Jane Herr came to Classic with many years of experience in the counter business which is a key ingredient to supporting a dealer.

In our market we know there are many options for our clients as well as ourselves as a dealer for stone and quartz counters, with one highly advertised supplier located directly across the street from our location. Classic’s ongoing commitment to technology and quality is what does and will continue to set them apart and above some of the other fabricators in our area. In business our customers expect us to represent and promote products and services of the best quality at a fair price and stand behind those we suppliers and vendors we choose to represent. We feel Classic shares that idea and concept with the products they choose (or do not choose) to offer which allows us the comfort to rely on their research and knowledge as an extension of our own.

As we move forward into a new year and a new decade we see the merge of our 2 businesses continue to grow and work together not just as a dealer and supplier but as an overall team focused to provide the best services and quality to our customers.

Thank you and your team for your efforts and willingness not only to be the best you can but also for recognizing Mid South as an extension of your team as well.