We have partnered with Classic Rock Fabrication for about 9 years. Prior to that we had worked with several other stone fabricators; to no avail we were just not happy with the service, quality, or business ethics. Through some other business contacts, we had the pleasure to meet Alex Bazdar. At that time, Alex was a representative for a hardware supplier we had since the 90’s. We began to discuss with Alex our dis-pleasures in regards to the stone fabricators we were using. Alex had mentioned to us about a fairly new fabricator in the Mechanicsburg, PA area and their different business philosophy. For instance, they would not sell directly to the public & choose only to work with dealers. That was a big positive for us, as this was one of the issues we had experienced with other suppliers. From the beginning, Classic Rock has been straightforward & honest. We set up a meeting with one of the original owner’s, Brad Wevodau, and as they say, the rest is history.

I can say, without a doubt, that I have never regretted our decision to give Classic Rock a try. They, to this day, are still the only fabricator that we use. From the inception of our working relationship, we have always been treated with respect & courtesy. Classic Rock has been an awesome working partner, and always eager to make adjustments when necessary. They have always been willing and quick to resolve any issues that may arise. Let’s be real, problems occur, that’s business, but to us, it is super important how quickly an issue is resolved when it does arise. Classic Rock has never let us down. Truly, from the beginning with our sales representative, to the delivery of the products during installation, the end goal is customer satisfaction.

Throughout the years, Classic Rock continues to evolve and is always striving to better themselves which in turn betters the customer experience and the delivery of the end products. Whether it is products that they sell, or services they provide, we feel that their customers are always a priority.

Looking forward to what the future holds and thankful for our business partnership with Classic Rock.