Leading the Industry

At Classic Rock Fabrication, our process is entirely automated, and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation and technology. State-of-the-art stone fabricating machinery guarantees the highest accuracy and precision when cutting your stone. This unique blend of hand craftsmanship with the most modern technology provides superior quality.

Core Capabilities


We’ve invested in the latest technology to offer the best capabilities in the industry. We have the ability to help you construct any project. With the recent addition of a dedicated Miter saw, our ability to produce large quantities of commercial miter edging is among the best in the industry not only in terms of quality, but also quantity. Our shop floor capability includes:
(8) Northwood CNCs
(2) Northwood Dual-Table SawJets
(2) Northwood Single-Table SawJets
(1) Park CNC Saw
(1) BACA Miter Saw
(1) BACA Dual-Table Robo SawJet


We strive for efficiency. That’s why we invested in the best operations management process in the industry: Synchronous Flow. Just like it sounds, Synchronous Flow allows us to control, monitor, and report on every activity within our company – in real time – ensuring the highest quality fabrications and customer service in the industry!

Our Facility

Our facility in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is the largest fabrication shop on the East Coast, offering the capacity to handle large and complex projects in healthcare, assisted living, hospitality, retail, education and multi-unit housing. With our digital templating, Slabsmith fabrication software, and machinery specializing in mitre edging, the possibilities are virtually endless.